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Products :
One of the most important factors for successful well drilling is suitability of mud drilling properties in use, and this requires the accurate selection of mud drilling additives.
For this purpose, Karafarinan Navide Ayandeh (KANA) Co. is proud to announce its readiness to applicant companies for supplying the high qualityy mud drilling additives in the shortest time (such as mineral and chemical products required in water-based fluids (WBFs), oil-based fluids (OBFs), and synthetic-based fluids (SBFs) and workover & completion fluids).
The company has a variety of mineral and chemical products as follows:

1- Potassium Chlorite (KCL)
2- Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3)
3- Limestone (CACO3) ; C, M, F
4- Calcium Chloride (CaCl2)
5- Starch (potato starch, wheat starch, Starch HV)
6- Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose (CMC LV & CMC HV)
7- Polly Anionic Cellulose (PAC LV & PAC HV)
8- Xanthan gum (XC- Polymer)
9- Partially Hydrolyze Polly acrylamide (PHPA)
10- Natural Gum
11- Emulsifiers (D.M.E (S.W) - O.B.M Emulsifier - O.B.M S.Emulsifier)
12- O.B.M. F.L.C
13- Defoamer
14- H2S Corrosion Inhibitor
15- Corrosion Inhibitor (Water Based)
16- O.B.M Thinner
17- O.B.M Viscosifier
19- Attapulguite (Sult Water Gel)
20- Drilling Detergent
21- Caustic potash (KOH)
22- Sodium Silicate
23- Biocide