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About US

About us:
Karafarinan Navide Ayandeh (KANA) Co. was established in 2013 to supply materials for oil drilling industry especially the drilling fluid additives for oil services companies. Our company has started its activities with emphasis on the following principles:
- Providing the new products with the latest research achievements in the industry
- Providing the highest quality products available in the industry

KANA Co. cooperates with lots of Iranian companies and non-Iranian companies around the world such as Dubai (UAE), China, Hong Kong, India, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Thailand, Vietnam and Germany to increase customer satisfaction by identifying and providing their requirements and expectations.
In addition, our company has established the office and warehouse in Ahvaz to facilitate the necessary coordination with consumers.

Some executive aspects of the company:
- Domestic supply and foreign supply of mineral and chemical products
- Obtaining exclusive representation of domestic and foreign manufacturers
- Sales support and expedite the timely supply of products and its competitive price
- Guarantee the quality of mineral and chemical products produced within the country and abroad

In this regard, our company has been introduced to National Iranian Drilling Co. and North Drilling Co. and has been recorded in the vendor list.

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